Hello everyone,

Welcome to my brand new Portfolio and DevBlog.
I hope you enjoy the look and the way things are organized now.

The last version no longer excited me to contribute, and since I wanted to contribute more, besides just having a gallery and share stuff in my blog, I decided to bring this version to life.

2013 Goals

I also wanted to publicly share some of my goals for 2013, since I can always look back and have it in my face what I should and shouldn’t have done. So here it is, some of my 2013 goals.


  • Get back in late 2011 shape.
  • Buy a new bike and figure out a journey to do with it.


  • Make plans for a out-of-country visit in the start of the next year.
  • Read more books.


  • Get more gigs as Freelancer.
  • Contribute and evolve alongside my new place of work.


  • Build a Android App.
  • Start building a iPhone App.
  • Build a EmberJS App.
  • Expand my Ruby and RoR skills. Create a project which evolves both and PHP.

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