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March 2013

PHP class to calculate a Team based ELO Rating System for 5 vs 5.

This is heavily inspired on:

  • Heroes of Newerth
  • League of Legends
  • DotA 2

The use of this class is quite simple.
You can find the code over at github which has a usage example. You can find a demo here.

But simply, this takes two team arrays, with a mandatory elo column.
The class will then calculate both team averages, win rate probabilitys.
And when you execute the calculate function it will return the same two arrays with two new columns, containing the ‘gain’ and ‘loss’ points for each case.
You can use them as you wish.


For those who use and like gettext for localization.

This is a snippet to have a simpler and more powerful way to access it over PHP default.

It automatically uses sprintf when needed, and you don’t have to write a big ass line for a simple plural translation.

Code is also in the Gist

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my brand new Portfolio and DevBlog.
I hope you enjoy the look and the way things are organized now.

The last version no longer excited me to contribute, and since I wanted to contribute more, besides just having a gallery and share stuff in my blog, I decided to bring this version to life.

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